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Founder of Kateleine Creatives and In The Kaleidoscope Podcast. I'm blogger, podcaster, subconscious demon slayer, fashion & art lover and creatrix of a beautiful existence. An anti-niche crusader and addicted to all things empowering & freeing.

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I am worthy of all of my goals, nothing can stop me! What’s my #1 go-to, quick mindset & manifestation tool?? Easy. Affirmations. I’ve spent years looking into tricks and tips for manifestation and how to cultivate a good mindset– and this stuff is simple yet fierce in boosting our subconscious/conscious minds!!  Its how I’ve […]

Affirmations: Get the Insider Scoop to the BEST Mindset Hack

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GRATITUDE IS THE MF VIBE, EVEN IF WHEN U FEEL LIKE SHIT.. Yup, intentional gratitude is the vibe ESPECIALLY when you feel down or irritated. This is a simple topic that has sooo much weight and benefit on a day to day life.  The idea is obviously not new, we are taught the general idea […]

Gratitude, Quick Tip for Simple Appreciation

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NEW AND IMPROVED . Back on the scene is KATELEINE! Maximizing her potential and embodying the most fun (& messy) version of herself. Your fave anti-niche swirl of creativity and wisdom! An inspiration dumping ground and compilation of the best “yikes!” moments. So back in February, was launched following the exciting adventures of living […]

“ what the heck is even going on?” Well let me tell ya…

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Why Everyone Needs to Know Kateleine A resource for stubborn, learn-it-the-hard-way dreamers, to maybe not have to learn it the hard way.  Whatever your it may be. Kateleine is born as an outlet for compiling my upcoming, current and previous experiences with life and travel. She’s a hub for information and content that will be useful […]

Introducing Kateleine: Insider Blog for Beautiful Chaos

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