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Basically, I got your tools to go from resist to katalyst.

Using NLP + self discovery as a creative lifestylist to meet the burnt-out-big dreamers where you're at, supporting you with tools and a safe space to embrace whatever TF you desire.

I share first hand flops and fortunes of living stagnated and depleted to being inspired and empowered in my worth to show you that.  

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I've been known by many monikers in my life, Kate, MK, Madeleine, Kateleine, almost like checkpoints in various phases of my evolution. Each one filled with love, lessons, wild nights and killer insights.
I am the founder of Kateleine Creatives, the go-to hub for young women navigating the bullshit to get to the good shit, navigating chaotic energy + freedom fantasies.

Hi, I'm M.K.

dreamers / those meant-for-more /
visionaries / open-minded /
tired of the same old b.s. / spiritual

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Despite stigmas & assumptions regarding astrology, familiarizing myself with the star based archetypes has supported so much of my understanding of myself, others & provides a baseline of helpful patterns. Navigating interactions is fun, interesting, and illuminating with this tool.

Buy the book here.

P.S. You can book a custom guide here.

P.S. You can book a custom guide here.

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Love Languages

Based on personal development book, this quiz narrows the ways in which you both receive and give love. Its a game changer in vuilding bettter relationships with family, partners, and especially with yourself!

An epic combo of philosophies, data, and interpretation, this resource is my go-to tool in understanding my personal energy capacity & aura. Def my fave reference in making aligned energetic moves.

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