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Founder of Kateleine Creatives and In The Kaleidoscope Podcast. I'm blogger, podcaster, subconscious demon slayer, fashion & art lover and creatrix of a beautiful existence. An anti-niche crusader and addicted to all things empowering & freeing.

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I am worthy of all of my goals, nothing can stop me! What’s my #1 go-to, quick mindset & manifestation tool?? Easy. Affirmations. I’ve spent years looking into tricks and tips for manifestation and how to cultivate a good mindset– and this stuff is simple yet fierce in boosting our subconscious/conscious minds!!  Its how I’ve […]

Affirmations: Get the Insider Scoop to the BEST Mindset Hack

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GRATITUDE IS THE MF VIBE, EVEN IF WHEN U FEEL LIKE SHIT.. Yup, intentional gratitude is the vibe ESPECIALLY when you feel down or irritated. This is a simple topic that has sooo much weight and benefit on a day to day life.  The idea is obviously not new, we are taught the general idea […]

Gratitude, Quick Tip for Simple Appreciation

Lifestyle, Mindset, Mood, Perspective Piece

NEW AND IMPROVED . Back on the scene is KATELEINE! Maximizing her potential and embodying the most fun (& messy) version of herself. Your fave anti-niche swirl of creativity and wisdom! An inspiration dumping ground and compilation of the best “yikes!” moments. So back in February, was launched following the exciting adventures of living […]

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