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Founder of Kateleine Creatives and In The Kaleidoscope Podcast. I'm blogger, podcaster, subconscious demon slayer, fashion & art lover and creatrix of a beautiful existence. An anti-niche crusader and addicted to all things empowering & freeing.

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Affirmations: Get the Insider Scoop to the BEST Mindset Hack

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I am worthy of all of my goals, nothing can stop me!

What’s my #1 go-to, quick mindset & manifestation tool?? Easy. Affirmations. I’ve spent years looking into tricks and tips for manifestation and how to cultivate a good mindset– and this stuff is simple yet fierce in boosting our subconscious/conscious minds!! 

Its how I’ve helped myself re-frame a lot of shitty scenarios, and reset my confidence in my goals– bc its my life, its my party, and, b*tch, I am fabulous, abundant and free — & I will remind myself of that often. 

So…what are ‘affirmations’ and is this trick legit?

The way in which we speak to ourselves, about ourselves, and even about others, can be the catalyst for a lot in our life. Not only our inner dialogue, that self-talk aspect, but our intentional language, statements and perspective. 

Affirmations are simply statements of intent about yourself, our life, our reality, that breed positive result based through repetition and conviction. 

In other words, statements that will create self-fufilling prophecy to the person saying them. The origin comes from the Latin word, meaning “to strengthen”. These statements that you can make for yourself are a tool in which you can strengthen your, confidence, attitude, goals, and manifestations. 

Affirmations are a tool to aid in you manifestations, goals, and overall mindset journey. They are recommended in psychology fields like cognitive behavioral therapy, among others*. You can also find them supported in religion and spirituality contexts like Christianity and Buddhism, that emphasize positive declarations of pure intent, and faith that they are meant for you.

My fave mindset gurus who actively utilize affirmations and teach on them are Manassalin, Mikayla Jai, Amanda Frances, BrandieFreely Dani Faust, Gala Darling and so many more!!

Affirmations are no joke, and honestly if saying simple reminders to yourself can help you achieve your dreams…wouldn’t you give it a go?

My success is inevitable, and I am ALWAYS supported!!

There are so many resources and successful people that will attest to this positive conversation-with-the-universe technique, like Jim Carrey, J-Lo, Oprah.. How insane!? These public figures and celebrities attribute much of their success to the use of these simple, powerful statements.

Dr. Joe Dispenza, a neuroscientist swears by the science behind the connection and influence of your thoughts, words, and emotions on the reflection in your reality. He speaks on how neuroplasticity – amount the brain can change – of the brain allows for inward change throughout adulthood and, in turn, change in our outward experiences + perception of experiences.

I’ll dive more into his teaching in my upcoming review of his book: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself

All my desires are already mine! I am the embodiment of abundance.

These sentences and proclamations are very effective , especially when using them in the “I am…” structure, but as long as there is that matter of fact feeling — honey you’re golden!!


  • I am worthy of unconditional love and respect.
  • I am a mf treasure!
  • I only attract high vibe friends and people to me.
  • I am in love with who I am/who I am becoming.

Success & Business

  • I am successful at all I set out to do. 
  • I exude boss babe energy!
  • I am the mf BOSS of my life (and my business).
  • My success is inevitable, and is magnetized to me.

Money, Money, Money

  • I am a money magnet.
  • Money loves to stay in my bank account. 
  • I am a rich b*tch and I get to have it all!!
  • I am worthy of abundance.

Vibe & Support

  • I am fully and completely supported at all times.
  • Everything is working out in my favor.
  • I am energized af today!
  • I am a constant light to those around me.

Easy, Peasy.

Its true– there are moments when you may feel as if these statements are farther off than others. But that’s where the repetition is key!! 

Pfshhhhh! Just some measly statements? No prob. Its very interesting to see how you can forget or overlook these quick lil nuggets of truth throughout your day or week! I challenge you to write some of your own in your phone or on paper, andtake note of your mood, mess and magic of the week!

I’d love to connect more with you, leave a comment of a your own bomb ass affirmation or tag me @kat.el.eine on insta!!

xxx Kateleine

Gratitude, Quick Tip for Simple Appreciation

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Yup, intentional gratitude is the vibe ESPECIALLY when you feel down or irritated. This is a simple topic that has sooo much weight and benefit on a day to day life. 

The idea is obviously not new, we are taught the general idea appreciation early on in life–but rarely are we taught to be intentional, especially in times of upset.  

Full transparency–I’m no queen of positivity, I have a temper, I get annoyed by annoying people and have many days where I feel pretty defeated. But the shifts that have come for me as I have implemented this trick have done wonders on the outlook of each of my days. 

This lil method I use is foolproof and has helped so much in dealing with the craziness and draining energies of the last 6 months. Useful on the days where its hard to get out of bed, face frustrations, disappointments, and negativity. Boosting when you wake up feelings “normal”, excited, hopeful, and inspired.

Keep it simple.

To start this whole gratitude mindset shift it helps to have few things.

  1. A notepad, pack of sticky notes or note cards— just a little space for some appreciation that’s all it takes to re-frame and shift. The key is making it the first and/or last thing you do! I have been toying with this intentional appreciation through my morning/night journal sesh over the last 4 months, creating gratitude lists in many entries. Over the past month, I dedicated a designated notepad–one I had discarded and lying around– to have set on my nightstand. Making this easily accessible, and no excuse not to get it done or use it.
  2. The concept is to brain dump everything you’re grateful for. The smallest things—elevating their status from mundane, expected, and bleh to being lil miracles to appreciate. On my more content days, filling up the page with dozens of ways I feel supported, mentioning gratitude for situations I appreciate, and material things that bring me joy. On emptier days, when I don’t feel the most high vibe, and probably not even wanting to do this trick–I’ll jot down my gratitude for breathing, sleeping in a bed, or other super basic things that I may take for granted. Instantly after putting pen to paper, and reading these things, my perspective shifts and I can move up in mood, putting good energy into a more present feeling.

No matter how small or large, or autonomous the thing you jot down is —the appreciation is such a vibe check and allows your energy going into the day or going to sleep, put you in a position to attract more things to be thankful for.

Using this hack has honestly been so exciting to utilize, and actually see it show a pattern of rewiring more positivity into the brain. 

So definitely try this out, if you’re anything like me, and are down for attracting some goodness into your reality. Plus, in this economy?? Pssshh, a lil boost could not hurt!

Comment or dm if you try it out and your mindset experience! 🙂


“ what the heck is even going on?” Well let me tell ya…

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Back on the scene is KATELEINE! Maximizing her potential and embodying the most fun (& messy) version of herself. Your fave anti-niche swirl of creativity and wisdom! An inspiration dumping ground and compilation of the best “yikes!” moments.

So back in February, was launched following the exciting adventures of living in Europe for a semester, balancing school & intern life, but this endeavor quickly proved way out of alignment and excitement for myself. 

Check out the initial blog post here!

And it wasn’t until months & a pandemic later that I realized what needed to happen or what I wanted my digital creative outlet to embody.

Through the ups and downs of the past 6 months, some more draining then others, my reflection and introspection soared. I was reminded of some simple truths. 

Life is just a game, a party, an experience we GET to live out. It gets to be enjoyable despite the messy consequences or stressors and triggers. Its always worth dancing through, and the mems are full of  “epic” potential.

Think about it, every time you go out with your friends, go too hard too fast, make a few cringe moments for yourself, and wake up with that wicked hangover—you not only go out again the next day/weekend, you find so much to laugh about and learn from those experience.

Now, don’t get me wrong no one wants that mess really but when the choices are made or circumstances hurled into your reality–it matters and it adds something to the course of your life. 


Livin’ in the best moment.

Kateleine is meant to be a reminder of embracing the complexity, and multi-faceted human nature. Where the goal is to live in the moment–even the ones that aren’t complete bangerz or dance parties. 

Disclaimer, I was in one of burst of inspo mania episodes when the revamp dawned on me, and the irony of my introverted self wildin’ out every single second is  not lost on me. LOL. 

It’s both part of my evolution, and a representation of what I want to embody going forward in my life. Bringing in good energy, living each moment carefree, unapologetic, adventurous, and positive expectations. 

I am sure like many others, there is so much time spent riddled with anxiety, over analyzing and standing in the way of your own damn self. That’s so natural, but its so important to be reminded we do get a say in how we choose to go about our existence. 

IDK about y’all but all my favorite memories, and blessings have come to me in times where I’ve embodied the funnest, most carefree, creative, easygoing, authentic version of myself. So, yeah, bring on more of THAT hunny. 

Plz lemme know in the comments what your version of “life as a party” is! Whats the vibe that just sparks you tf up?!

I am so excited for what’s coming up in the next few months from miss Kateleine and to see her unfold. Follow along on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. 


**Edit: This is an archived post for the purpose of demonstrating the progress and different stages that Kateleine has traveled through.**