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Yup, intentional gratitude is the vibe ESPECIALLY when you feel down or irritated. This is a simple topic that has sooo much weight and benefit on a day to day life. 

The idea is obviously not new, we are taught the general idea appreciation early on in life–but rarely are we taught to be intentional, especially in times of upset.  

Full transparency–I’m no queen of positivity, I have a temper, I get annoyed by annoying people and have many days where I feel pretty defeated. But the shifts that have come for me as I have implemented this trick have done wonders on the outlook of each of my days. 

This lil method I use is foolproof and has helped so much in dealing with the craziness and draining energies of the last 6 months. Useful on the days where its hard to get out of bed, face frustrations, disappointments, and negativity. Boosting when you wake up feelings “normal”, excited, hopeful, and inspired.

Keep it simple.

To start this whole gratitude mindset shift it helps to have few things.

  1. A notepad, pack of sticky notes or note cards— just a little space for some appreciation that’s all it takes to re-frame and shift. The key is making it the first and/or last thing you do! I have been toying with this intentional appreciation through my morning/night journal sesh over the last 4 months, creating gratitude lists in many entries. Over the past month, I dedicated a designated notepad–one I had discarded and lying around– to have set on my nightstand. Making this easily accessible, and no excuse not to get it done or use it.
  2. The concept is to brain dump everything you’re grateful for. The smallest things—elevating their status from mundane, expected, and bleh to being lil miracles to appreciate. On my more content days, filling up the page with dozens of ways I feel supported, mentioning gratitude for situations I appreciate, and material things that bring me joy. On emptier days, when I don’t feel the most high vibe, and probably not even wanting to do this trick–I’ll jot down my gratitude for breathing, sleeping in a bed, or other super basic things that I may take for granted. Instantly after putting pen to paper, and reading these things, my perspective shifts and I can move up in mood, putting good energy into a more present feeling.

No matter how small or large, or autonomous the thing you jot down is —the appreciation is such a vibe check and allows your energy going into the day or going to sleep, put you in a position to attract more things to be thankful for.

Using this hack has honestly been so exciting to utilize, and actually see it show a pattern of rewiring more positivity into the brain. 

So definitely try this out, if you’re anything like me, and are down for attracting some goodness into your reality. Plus, in this economy?? Pssshh, a lil boost could not hurt!

Comment or dm if you try it out and your mindset experience! 🙂


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