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Founder of Kateleine Creatives and In The Kaleidoscope Podcast. I'm blogger, podcaster, subconscious demon slayer, fashion & art lover and creatrix of a beautiful existence. An anti-niche crusader and addicted to all things empowering & freeing.

Hi, I'm mk

Why Everyone Needs to Know Kateleine

A resource for stubborn, learn-it-the-hard-way dreamers, to maybe not have to learn it the hard way. 

Whatever your it may be.

Kateleine is born as an outlet for compiling my upcoming, current and previous experiences with life and travel.

She’s a hub for information and content that will be useful to those encountering similar circumstances. 

I know a lot through learning in the most complicated and difficult possible manners (me? stubborn? shocker!). I am hoping to alleviate those stresses for someone else, because, well, reading it on the internet makes it so much more believable!

The very first thing people want to know is how possible traveling, going to school, etc. is (in many cases) and Kateleine can help by telling what people NEED to know, like the fine print, reasonable timelines, etc.

Kateleine can also help with questions about general life, art, fashion, she’s an entity of many talents.

Week to Week, Whats Good?

Expect weekly updates and pow-wows outlining the best finds, and interesting anecdotes. Hopefully there will be a useful tidbit here and there, surely right? Occasionally she will pop up with more concentrated forums, blogs, and an eventual dedicated art page!

  • Travel
  • Tips n’ Tricks
  • Artistic Endeavors
  • Mindfulness
  • & More!

Kateleine will house current updates for my travels and life, and how I am finding my sanity in the chaos. Stay tuned for the what to do’s and especially the what not to do’s that are being uncovered daily.

She’s here as a resource, a chronicle of adventures. so learn through my mistakes and triumphs and get ready to blast off into the insanity of Kateleine.

**This is an archived post for the purpose of demonstrating the progress and different stages that Kateleine has traveled through.**

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Introducing Kateleine: Insider Blog for Beautiful Chaos

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